Музыка Soundtrack - Singles (1992) APE
Soundtrack - Singles (1992) APE

Жанр:Grunge, alternative rock, heavy metal

Битрейт аудио:Losseless


1. "Would?" Alice in Chains 3:27
2. "Breath" Pearl Jam 5:25
3. "Seasons" Chris Cornell 5:45
4. "Dyslexic Heart" Paul Westerberg 4:28
5. "The Battle of Evermore" (live Led Zeppelin cover) The Lovemongers 5:41
6. "Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns" Mother Love Bone 8:16
7. "Birth Ritual" Soundgarden 6:05
8. "State of Love and Trust" Pearl Jam 3:46
9. "Overblown" Mudhoney 2:58
10. "Waiting for Somebody" Paul Westerberg 3:25
11. "May This Be Love" The Jimi Hendrix Experience 3:10
12. "Nearly Lost You" Screaming Trees 4:06
13. "Drown" Smashing Pumpkins 8:17

Дополнительная информация:Singles is the original soundtrack album to the film Singles, primarily focused on the ascendant grunge scene of the early 1990s. It also features contributions from Paul Westerberg (his first solo material after the breakup of The Replacements), Chicago's The Smashing Pumpkins, and past Seattle rockers Jimi Hendrix and The Lovemongers (Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart). It was released on June 30, 1992.
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